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We Are Girl Power

As girls, our strength comes not from our looks or accomplishments, but from the supportive relationships that we build together.


Girl Power is a growing community of North Dakota girls who want to build their lives on the solid foundation of an empowering community.  We gather for monthly and weekly events to offer each other the time and space to be heard, seen, and empowered.  Whatever your background, we can’t wait to cheer you on! 

Empowering Resources:


Recommended Books for Girls:









A note from Laila:







Hi, I’m Laila Anderson, a sophomore at Century High School. I’m passionate about connecting with and helping other young women become strong, confident leaders. I’ve know first-hand how supportive relationships can help girls overcome isolation, self-doubt, and negative thoughts. I started Girl Power to bring girls together from all backgrounds to share fears, dreams, and struggles. We meet weekly during the school year and do special events in the summer where we encourage each other while connecting and having fun. And we’re always here for a phone call or cup of coffee!

I hope you’ll join us at one of our events!


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